The Masanga rehabilitation Project

This project is about a group of committed healthcare professionals and business people from Denmark, Holland, Norway and the UK who have come together to create life and opportunity in the post conflict zone of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world.

We are rehabilitating the Masanga Hospital in the Tonkolili district of Sierra leone, which was almost destroyed in the civil war; we are building healthcare education programmes to address the severe shortage of qualified nurses and surgeons; and we are creating businesses that will promote local employment and economic growth and in the long term contribute to the funding of the hospital.

Everyone involved in the charities supporting this project are volunteers who donate their time, resources and expertise. There are no charity expenses. Consequently all donations go directly to the hospital and healthcare education facilities.

We follow a strict code of conduct and have a zero tolerance for bribery or corruption.

The International cooperation is creating a real difference.

Our objective is to create a 100 bed general hospital that is a teaching institution with strong links to European Medical Institutions and is sustainable long term, managed and staffed by local people and funded by the Government of Sierra Leone.

Masanga Hospital Annual Report 2012

Please review the Masanga Hospital Annual Report 2012