Opportunities for Doctors to work at Masanga Hospital

Ideally we are seeking doctors with at least three years post qualification experience and with the flexibility to stay for a minimum of

Hospital staff take on the village at football

Hospital staff take on the village at football

three months in Masanga. This is driven by the need to ensure we have manageable visits and sufficient time for doctors to acclimatise and make a full contribution. There is flexibility if you have a specific skill such as specialist surgical skills that will enhance the Surgical Training Programme, or if you are highly experienced in operating in remote tropical environments.

The experience you can gain from spending time at Masanga is invaluable both in terms of your own life and professional experience gained and the contribution you can make both to caring for patients with unmet needs and complex diagnoses and to teaching local health care professionals.

Surgical Training Programme (“STP”)

The STP is a programme run by Capacare.

CapaCare have in collaboration with the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) started a postgraduate surgical training program (STP) for Medical Doctors and Community Health Officers (“CHO”).

The program entails training Doctors and CHO’s for 2 years in basic surgical and obstetrical procedures through exposing them to expatriate surgical teams at several hospitals in Sierra Leone. These teams will consist of a general surgeon/ orthopaedic surgeon/gynaecologist, an anaesthetist and nurse. They will stay in Sierra Leone for periods of 3-6 weeks working with the trainees appointed to the training program. The plan is to have 6 rotating teams every year. In between the rotations, doctors permanently working at the hospitals will do follow up training of the candidates.

All candidates are initially trained for 6 months at Masanga hospital, later they are posted on other NGO training hospitals on 6 months rotations. The candidates will be taken back to Masanga Hospital on regular occasions for various workshops.

Curriculum for the training will be the WHO Integrated Management for Emergency & Essential Surgical Care toolkit, developed by the Clinical Procedures Unit in collaboration with the Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care program.

For more information on the STP please contact Hakon Bolkan at hakon.bolkan@gmail.com.

Opportunities for Doctors from Derriford Hospital

  • Out of Programme experience
    Suitably qualified registrars can opt to spend three months of their training at Masanga as an Out of Programme Experience.
  •  Masanga Fellowships
    Registrars can opt to spend one month as part of a Masanga Fellowship. The doctors use two weeks of study leave and two weeks of annual leave to complete the one month placement. For these shorter placements we need candidates with either surgical or anaethetic skills to contribute to the STP.
  • Remote Medicine MSc
    Junior and middle grade Doctors studying for the MSc in remote medicine can make a valuable contribution to Masanga in providing clinical services and project management.


    Dr Louise Wade captures the opening of the EAU

All doctors interested in spending time in Masanga should contact Dr Austin Hunt at austin.hunt@nhs.net.

Opportunities for students from PUPSMD

The Medical School elective programme is designed to give students invaluable experience in Global Health and the opportunity to undertake research projects that will benefit Masanga Hospital. Students have access to safe accomodation in the secure hospital compound and use of the Medical School Landcruiser during their stay. Students interested in this programme should contact Dr Jack Picard on jack.pickard@nhs.net.