The Masanga Mentor Initiative – piloting transformational training technology to control and prevent infection from Ebola.

Please give generously to support this life saving programme.

Why the Masanga Mentor Initiative is different

  • Focuses on proactive prevention, not just treatment 
  • Developed and supported by international infection control experts 
  • Builds on existing community engagement in affected countries
  • Comprehensive testing by medical training evaluation experts 
  • Potential for quick and cost-effective region-wide roll out
  • A long term solution to Ebola, and other infectious diseases
  • Selected for Telegraph Christmas Appeal 

About the Masanga Mentor Initiative

A rare cooperation between Masanga, The Mentor Initiative and e-learning experts Immerse Learning, brings together communities, experience and expertise, with one single purpose.

Masanga is a rural hospital and college with deep community relationships and a national network of healthcare partners throughout Sierra Leone.

The Mentor Initiative is a world leader in community healthcare education operating in the toughest environments and embedded in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia.

Immerse are providers of innovative virtual training that is so visual and intuitive it can transform learning in the remotest corners of West Africa.


The Masanga Mentor Initiative is piloting the first immerse learning module and the cascade community training system in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Funds are urgently needed to develop four further immerse learning modules and to implement the rapid community training roll-out.

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