Projects looking for funding, expertise and sponsors

1. The Water System

We need to fix the water system. Today we have to take most water by hand from a well. This is less hygienic and hard work. We have a proper system with wells, piping and a water tower. We just need to link it all up and make it work. This takes both money and expertise.

2. The Paediatric ward

The Paediatric ward is in dire need of renovation. It is old, dark, difficult to keep clean, has poor ventilation, no facilities for carers, no running water, and the list goes on. We need both funds and the building skills and equipment to do a long term fix.

3. Nurses accommodation

The Tonkolili College of Health Sciences and Technology was opened in 2012. It is a three year course. We have accommodation for the first year nurses. The second year nurses are being accommodated throughout the village. We need to build more accommodation blocks for years two and three. It would take around £10,000 to build or renovate accommodation for 20 to 25 nursing students. We urgently need accommodation for 75 nurses for the 2014 academic year.

4. Transport

Our car fleet is aged and constantly breaking down. The cost of maintenance and the disruption is uneconomic and inefficient despite the excellent support we get from Motorcare. A new Landcruiser costs around €28,000. The second hand market is not well developed or reliable in Sierra Leone. It makes good economic sense to buy new.

5. New or second surgical instruments

We need better surgical instruments. We beg, borrow or steel all we can. With funds we can source good quality second hand equipment. £10,000 can transform what we are capable of achieving. A new autoclave is an high priority.

6. Solar power

We have a big solar power project backed by Mercul bank, which is focused on sustainable projects. 24 hour energy is critical to the efficient functioning of the hospital. Today we survive on expensive diesel generators which we can only operate for a few hours per day. As the hospital has grown through opening the new Grace Emergency unit, so have our power needs. We need a further £10,000 to increase the capacity of the solar panel park.