Our Vision – Enhanced IPC training

Transform training for infection prevention and control (“IPC”), through technology enhanced learning to improve knowledge retention, confidence and ultimately competence – and to make quality assured training accessible worldwide.

Our Objective

To keep health-workers, their patients and their communities safer and rebuild local health capacity faster, and with more resilience, leading to a fall in infection rates everywhere.

Who We Are – Masanga Mentor Ebola Initiative (“MMEI”)

MMEI is a partnership between the Masanga hospital in Sierra Leone with links to diaspora groups in the UK, the Mentor Initiative a leading international training group operating in Liberia, and the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (“PUPSMD”). MMEI is a unique collaboration between a network of international experts, from a wide range of disciplines including pedagogy, technology enhanced learning, quality assurance and compliance, media, IT developers & artists, telecoms, public health, IPC, sustainable development, agile development and finally and most importantly, frontline teams providing training and supporting care in west Africa, from urban slums to remote rural hospitals.

Introducing – e-buddi

e-buddi is a digital interactive IPC training tool that has been developed in response to the Ebola outbreak with local dialect voice-over that will be distributed on laptop, tablet and smartphone.

e-buddi is designed to:

  • Use distributed simulation to reach a dispersed workforce
  • Augment traditional training to improve impact and fidelity
  • Buildconfidenceandcompetencetodealwith infection and reduce the rate of reinfection
  • Build understanding, trust and accessibility through local dialect voiceovers

e-buddi adopts:

  • Immersion&userinteraction
  • Roleplay,hazardalertsandgameplay
  • Checklists to reinforce standard procedures
  • Systematic evaluation to prove effectiveness
  • National and International Guidelines and policy
  • And is quickly and easily adaptable to different countries, dialects and changes in guidelines

Agile development, video conferencing and broadband communications has enabled our team of international coding experts and artists to get fast feedback from end users, resulting in a more effective and focused end product.


Development and evaluation

The first pilot phase in Sierra Leone established the added value of this training method with over 98% of participants stating that the training is useful, relevant and they would recommend the training to their work colleagues. The evaluation has demonstrated statistically significant increases in confidence levels for putting on PPE, taking off PPE, and being prepared for treating patients with Ebola.

We are currently evaluating the alpha Version of e-buddi through field trials in urban slums of Liberia and development is in progress for the beta version for evaluation in June and September.



The Opportunity

e-buddi is a concept system in field trials which has provided the foundation for a development plan to augment traditional training in a way that would enable IPC training to be rolled out across the region more effectively, faster, and potentially more cost effectively. This could ultimately lead to higher quality and more sustainable IPC. Funding has been secured through the Telegraph Christmas Appeal to deliver the e-buddi beta version. Further funding and partners are needed to complete the full development programme and to implement the training across the region.