Our Network

The Partner Charities

Since 2006 the network of support for Masanga has grown:

  • In 2006 Dr Peter Bo Jørgensen formed AFOM/Masanga DK (See the Danish page) and with Dr Edward Cole of SLAA (See the Sierra Leonean page) formed a partnership to rehabilitate the hospital
  • In 2008 Dr Frank Van Raaij went to work in Masanga as the resident doctor and formed Franca Masanga/Masanga Netherlands (See the Dutch page)
  • In 2008 Dr Hakon Bolkan started Friends of Masanga Norway and in July 2011 this evolved into Capacare to sponsor the Surgical Training Programme (“STP”) for district hospitals in Sierra Leone with its main base at Masanga hospital (See the Norwegian page)
  • In 2009 a student from the Peninsula Medical School, Sarah Patching, spent a year in Masanga working at the feeding centre for under nourished children. She was so impressed she approached Dr Austin (“Oz”) Hunt and they co-founded Masanga UK (See the English page)

These five charities from four  countries all have representatives on the International Board of Masanga (See the Board page)

The Partner NGOs and Medical Institutions

There are many other Institutions that have and are contributing to the project:

  • St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway
  • Derriford Hospital in UK
  • The Dutch Tropical Medicine programme
  • Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Dawnus from the UK
  • The Lions Club in Denmark
  • Doctors of the World