Our vision for Masanga is:

To create a respected and sustainable high quality 100 bed general hospital serving the people of the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone, run and staffed by local people, funded by the government of Sierra Leone and supported by strong links with Medical Institutions in Europe.

To create self-funded education facilities to train healthcare professionals with skills in nursing and surgical techniques to address the severe shortage of healthcare expertise throughout Sierra Leone. 

To build local businesses capable of serving the hospital and education facilities, creating local employment and contributing to the long term funding of the hospital.

We are committed to handing over a fully functioning Teaching Hospital to the government and people of Sierra Leone as soon as possible. Critical to the success of this project will be long term sustainability staffed and funded by the people of Sierra Leone.

The Agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone

Masanga hospital is owned by the government of Sierra Leone (“GOSL”). In 2006 the Association Friends of Masanga and the Sierra Leonean Adventists Abroad signed a 20 year concession with GOSL to rehabilitate and run the Masanga hospital on behalf of the government  and the people of the Tonkolili District, with a 10 year review. Fundamental to this agreement are undertakings and commitments by GOSL and the District Medical Officer to provide resources, personnel and free medicine for children under 5 and expectant mothers. With regret, these commitments have not been fulfilled and therefore the project has been under considerable funding pressure which has led to a shortfall in funds to buy all the medicine required and to an increasing level of indebtedness to third parties. In 2013 we are seeking to renegotiate the agreement with GOSL to establish new commitments which we expect to be delivered if the project is to achieve the objective of sustainability.

The role of Education and the Businesses

Healthcare Education to create local healthcare professionals is fundamental to sustainability. The education programme is being undertaken as a not for profit enterprise which should be self funding through charging full cost recovery fees and in time will contribute to the operating costs of the hospital which is integral to the teaching programme.

The businesses have been set up with the objective that they will in time create a surplus which can contribute to the funding of the hospital.

Links with Medical Institutions in Europe

A number of strong links have been created with Medical Institutions in Europe on a mutual help basis. It is anticipated that these links will strengthen and endure to support the long term sustainability of the Masanga Hospital.