Other volunteers

Our Danish partners have the most developed volunteer programme for young people. If you are interested in volunteering to go to Masanga to work for 6 months, review the Danish pages to see how you can qualify as a volunteer.

Other volunteers are needed for fundraising. We are looking for people to help us attract funds from charitable trusts. This involves searching for charitable trusts that support healthcare and education projects in sub Saharan Africa, understanding their funding criteria and preparing and following up requests for funds. Please contact Geoff Eaton at geoff.eaton@live.co.uk.

It's not easy...but neither is building a hospital in Sierra Leone!

It’s not easy…but neither is building a hospital in Sierra Leone!

We are always looking for teams of two to enter the Original Mountain Marathon to raise sponsorship for the hospital. We have entered teams for the last three years and raised £60,000. This year we have a number of teams entering and it is both great fun and a personal challenge. Details of the event and registration can be found at The Original Mountain Marathon.